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Should We Change the Rules and Allow More Entries Per Member?

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Feb 24, 2013
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Sure am :). I also can never figure out how to print them properly ;( No one around here teaches photography (affordably) @jolenesdad has a nice article but I need to delve into this stuff uninterrupted for a bit so I can digest the info and that just hasnt happened yet.
The best "free" photography lessons can be found by joining a camera forum specific to the model of camera that you use. A site such as DPReview has multiple forums including ones such as Beginner Questions. They can help you learn your camera well enough to start getting the best results.


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Jun 21, 2020
Great! I was afraid it might be some new latin rule I was unaware of. 😁
I took Latin one year. My teacher wore the same pants every day and to make it even better, he had a version of them that where shorts. I learned nothing except that this man used the word “negative” instead of “no”

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