Large mass under quail wing! *graphic photos*


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May 19, 2017
State of Confusion
Because the vet closed at 5pm to public they have kept him there, and said they are going to take some pressure off the joint by draining some of the fluid/blood and strapping the wing to the body of the bird he said it looks like the bird has broken the wing and every time it moves the wing it makes the area worse so i assume that means a hematoma he said the bird will need to be on antibiotics aswel
Broken wing? In the video it didn't look broken. Interesting. Any idea how it happened? I had a female get chased by a male that apparently got her wing through vertical bars on the cage and broke hers. I line the vertical bars with cardboard when I use it now and it keeps the bedding contained.

Thanks for the update. You take good care of your pets.

I'm with @Kiki though. I would have put him out of his misery with the seriousness of that wound.

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