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    Apr 29, 2016
    Kind of new at this. We currently have 5 chickens and my wife would like to order a surprise box of chicks. This contains from what I gather about 40 non sexed birds. We will only be keeping the hens and selling and/or trading the roos. It will contain assorted bird ranging from bantam to Turkey in size. Any recommendations in broader sizes for a diy project and what will be required to keep them warm in the evenings? I live in Maryland where currently the temps drop to mid 40s at night. Last time around we kept the chicks inside until feathered but the dust was too much and with that many birds may be unmanageable inside the house. Any help would be appreciated as this is a surprise so can't really discuss this with her..

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    Are you getting straight run from a hatchery? If so you are going to get a LOT of cockerels. Are you sure you can sell 20-25 males? Or quite likely even more? There is absolutely no market for excess males here so all of mine end up in the freezer.
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    You can brood right in your coop and skip the brooder. Just fence off an area in the coop to accommodate that many chicks (one square foot per), make sure there is small enough mesh around the bottom so adult chickens can't injure tiny heads being poked through the fence, and supply them with reliable heat to warm under, and chicks can handle temps well below freezing quite well.

    Read about outdoor brooding in my article linked below under "Articles". There are many advantages to brooding outdoors that you can't get by doing it indoors.
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    Apr 29, 2016
    Thanks for the input.. I just may try the broader in the coop thing.. unfortunately I missed the window to order and they are currently out of stock.. will give me more time to prepare for it better.. thanks for the advice..

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