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    Jan 24, 2016
    Hi all,
    This is my first time posting! :)
    We have three chickens and they're all between the ages of 4-6 years. I clean out the poop from the bottom of their roost about once a month and often there are big piles of moist poop. First question is, should I clean it out more frequently? And is the moist poop a sign of nutritional deficiency?
    This last time, as I was scooping out the pile, I noticed a worm. Not a tiny one, like a tape or round worm, but more like the thickness of an earthworm. So my next questions...has anyone seen anything like that? Where could it have come from? What could it have been?
    Any info would be helpful and appreciated! Thanks so much :)
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    This is what normal droppings look like.
    It is normal for chicken droppings to be somewhat moist. Their droppings are from fecal matter (brown) and urine (white) combined. However, stress (from worms for example) could cause the droppings to be more liquid-like or abnormal than usual. Diet can also be a factor. For example, watermelon, fruits, etc. could cause softer droppings.

    I'm not experienced enough to suggest what this worm could be, but a picture could probably help others figure out what it is.

    Also, :welcome
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    Thanks! I unfortunately did not take a pic and it's been a couple of days so I'm sure the worm has moved on. We give our chickens food waste scraps (fruit, veggies, rice, etc), along with their chicken layer pellets, a few times a week so that could explain the runny poop (?).
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    Feed the regular feed daily and treats twice a week in small amounts..Healthy birds don't get worm over loads..
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    Anytime you see something odd, take a pic, with a quarter or dime in the pic to give scale. Layer feed is meant to be the only food, says so in fine print on the bag, keep other foods to a minimum(<10% of daily feed volume).

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