Largest egg I have ever seen!!


Jul 1, 2020
Deep East Texas Sabine County
Today was a milestone. First day I got 2 brown eggs from my 3 young domoniques of my whiteleghorn pullets dropped a "bomb" on me today. Most of my whiteleghorn eggs have been 2 ounces to a rare jumbo 2 1/2 ounce but today I got a THREE AND ONE HALF OUNCE EGG!!! It's huge. No doubt it is probably a double yolk but still!! I have had several double yolk eggs already and none of them were this size! Question: Do they ever lay TRIPLE YOLK eggs? This looks like a big duck egg. (no,I don't have any ducks). What's the largest whiteleghorn egg anyone has seen? I was raised on a egg farm years ago and I can't ever remember seeing one this big!
We have a CA White Leghorn that routinely lays LARGE eggs, every other day. We started weighing them, 2.6 oz , 2.7 oz, and 2.9 oz! So far, they've all been double yolkers.

We've wondered why....are we feeding her too much protein, or is there something else, or is this normal? Isn't that your question too, Flame80? It is surprising and puzzling, especially when you see them next to the other normal size eggs.

And we have two other CA Whites who lay normal size eggs. They're all a nice soft beige color. Not sure if this is just the way her eggs are, or if she or we are doing something different. I'd be curious to know what the experts think, or anyone who has an opinion. 🥚 🥚 🥚
I’ve had a hen that only lay double yolkers but sadly she is dead

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