Last day of Pre-K today..Super mixed emotions here..


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
and i have to say; I'm a bit sad...

my 5 yr olds last day is today..we have her pre=k picnic on friday..but really today is it...

I have SUPER mixed emotions about this...i want my baby to stay my baby...
when ppl ask her if she's in school; she always said I'm in Pre-k and it always made my heart

now it'll be I'm in Kindergarten..ugh..she's my last one..I always wanted another one; but I had a
medical condition that needed treated and in doing so, I had to get my tubes tied for my safety and
if I had ever become pregnant for that babies safety..but it definitely was a procedure that
COULD have was NOT life threatening, just impacted life now i'm feeling
that maybe I was selfish and was trying to make my own life better w/o thinking about a future childs life..

so now that my "baby" is done w/Pre-k after today..I am at a super loss for words today and a bag
of mixed emotions... of course SHE Is super

But I'm also thinking; she's so darn innocent and I dont want her to leave my side..I'm really
thinking about homeschooling these two girls; (1st grader and pre-k'er) ..but I'm doubting myself on it..
I know hubby will support me as I already HS the 7th grader...I think I better sit on that for a while instead
of making rash decisions..I'm emotional today..

So..I'm headin back to bed..til she gets home..that gives me 2 hrs; then I'll get up and shower, get ready to greet my
non-pre-k'er and love her to death...So, tell I nuts??
Oh my, she's a cutie. No, you're not nuts-- you're just a Mom.
Trust me Dad's feel like this too. We just are reluctant to share these feelings.

She is such a cutie!

You know.. you couldn't go wrong with homeschooling them too. I loved it when I was a teen... but then I had been to public and private elementary and middle schools.. so I was vastly relieved to be homeschooled! The biggest reason was... just kids, with the yucky language all the time (I hated swearing).. the whos shoes are better nonsense... the judgements on anything and everything all the time. Thats why I plan on homeschooling all of mine when I eventually have them!

But... it doesen't count until school until the 1st grade... right? Thats why it gets the first number!
thanks you two!

Yeah; I went on a field trip w/my 1st grader last wk and she butted in line (wrongly of course she should have went to the back of the line) but her friend said here get behind me..then a snooty girl said "GET TO THE BACK OF THE LINE NOW!!! (yelling) and said you arent getting just behind her, you are getting in front of me (she was right tho)..but it was just the nastiness oozing from her words on how she said took all my strength not to Elayna, always being the peacemaker went to the back of the line (like she SHOULD have)...but you could just tell that she was hurt by her "friends" words on how she said it...

she also sometimes comes home and says I dont know why so and so wont play with me..I go to talk tot hem and they run away; it hurts my heart mommy... but I'll keep trying

<sigh> big bulllies lol...

I know I cant protect them always and put them in a bubble..but man...some kids are just nasty nasty nasty now...I really dont want my children to experience that..but I guess its all part of growing up?? and me getting older and more sentimental/wise??

she's due home any minute now..
What would be the reason to put her in traditional school? Is there a specific program or something unusual about the school she would be attending? Is it just to give her the "normal" school experience? I agree that kids have to learn how to put up with the not-so-nice people in life, but there is no reason that very young children should have to deal with any kind of bullying. There will most likely be homeschooled kids she won't get along with and will learn how to handle that easily I'm sure. My kids know how to deal with nasty children despite (and maybe even because of), their homeschool experience.
Our youngest DS had his kindergarten graduation last Friday, and it was bittersweet to be sure. He was so proud!

Awww. It's hard to hear, isn't it? But the way I look at it is that in adult life you encounter a great many "difficult" people, and learning how to cope with them graciously as a child is a fundamental skill. So even if you do decide to homeschool, it really is imperative (in my opinion) that your child be in situations with her peers that will enable her to learn those skills. Of course bullying is a whole different matter and should not be tolerated at any age.
I home school! And I love it even though its the hardest thing I've ver done. I've watched them grow to... my oldest is in 2nd grade and my youngest is almost 4! Its crazy not having a baby now that my youngest talks. They grow so fast... I always feel like I'm missing some cute memory.
Im sorta in your boat. My oldest is now all excited for kindergarten next year. I couldn't home school just not within my abilities (im soo not the teaching type) but i also think the early kids can learn about the differences in others the better. If you talk to em and help em while they are young they are less likely to fall into the traps later in life (remember this is just my opinion) ive seen firsthand what can happen. Imho let them learn the basics at school and teach em the extras self relience any big interests (be it animals weather whatever floats em) with you. I hated school and the bullies and i made alot of mistakes but i wouldnt be the strong mother and wife i am today without those experiences. I wouldn't have my own strength to speak out when i need to. But i have also learned respect for.others and their opinions. I have friends who hs and i know why. I respect it and we have had disscusions about it. There are pro to the whole thing. You do what you feel is right...i just try to always remember this quote. We raise our kids to leave us. If.what i am doing wont help then i think hard. Oh yeah i have 2 kids and that will be it. Dh is dead set against more kids because of his age. So though i in theroy could have more it wont happen. Best of luck

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