last egg


8 Years
Nov 18, 2011
picture ishard to tell but any idea why the membrane is white like that? he is alive and breathing inside and he is on day 23. if he was shrink wrapped wouldnt he not be able to breather? is it because he is not ready ?
He looks to be shrink wrapped. Whether you decide to help him out is up to you. Everybody has differing opinions on helping. If no veins are visible,maybe try making a small hole where his beak is?
is it possible that the since the chick was rolled around a whole bunch by the other chick that hatched that he is facing down and is to big to move where the opening is?i also peeled back some more of the shell just where the air cell is and just from a small piece of shell hitting the membrane caused a Small spec of blood.

he is breathing and once in a while moves the egg a lot but not sure if he is shrink wrapped and cant break the membrane or is he just not ready.

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