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10 Years
Mar 13, 2009
Has anyone seen the movie The Last Station? It takes place in 1910 Russia although most was filmed in Germany. There are a couple of scenes of these enormous black chickens with feathery feet and heads. They are being herded around like sheep. I was just curious what breed they are. I Googled around with no luck. Great movie by the way.
Not seen the movie, but does a Cochin look familiar?

The birds in the movie were like the size of penguins- huge. And my husband remembers the poofy feathers on the head. Cochins don't seem to be particularly large.
Sounds like Black Jersey Giants to me, with a little help from the photography crew using wacky angles to produce the effect of even larger size. If you've ever seen the movie "Big Fish", they did similar tricks there with the "giant" in that movie. The man was tall to begin with, but they just used angles and special lenses to produce the effect of actual giant-hood. I haven't seen "The Last Station" but maybe that's what's going on there too.
Standard Cochins are HUGE. As for anything else - That last photo posted is a crested polish. They don't have feathered feet and are no where near huge though. . . And Jersey Giants don't have crests or feathered feet. They may have just been a crossbreed. There are a lot of European breeds with crests, they could have just crossed something . . .
Largefowl cochin, brahma or langshan are very large and have feathered legs, but none have crests. Russian Orloffs have muffs and beards (no crests), but hteir legs are not feathered. Silkies come in largefowl size in Europe, but they are not exessively large. Faverolles have muffs and beards and feathered legs, but no crests. Sultans have both crests and feathered legs, so that is a strong possibility, but they are not HUGE; although as was mentioned, camera work can make them appear larger than they actually are.

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