Latching the Door - A Simple Solution

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    So, because of the mosquito and fly problems we have around here I made a couple of screen doors out of my favorite wood. They came out a lot better than I had any right to expect, but than I ran into a problem. There wasn't enough angle to keep them closed against the winds using the springs that my plans called for. [​IMG] Bummer! So to keep them closed I installed an old fashioned hook.
    [​IMG]Well it kept the door closed all right, but when one of us came in before the other we had to get up and unhook the door so the other could get in, and when we both went out there was no way to keep the door from blowing open. The other problem was that when we both went out there was no way to hook the door. I solved that problem by adding a second hook on the outside of the door, but that still left the problem of being on the wrong side of the door to unhook it.

    I'm ashamed to admit how long it took me to come up with the solution. I remembered an old western movie where the hero came rushing into the cabin and shouted, "They're comin' maw. Pull in the latch string!" That's when it struck me, a latch string.


    Just drill two holes at a steep angle and tie a string off on the hook. A drop of glue will ensure that it stays in place. A simple solution, but I thought it might help someone. [​IMG]
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    May 25, 2008
    Thanks for passing along such a useful idea!

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