Late Bloomer...finally laid an egg!

old biddy

12 Years
Sep 30, 2010
Lamont, Florida
My peahen Anastasia has finally laid her first egg of the season. This is the longest it has taken her to lay a first egg since I have had her over the last 3 years. Her first laying season started around late March. The second season was around early April and the third season was in early May. This year,.. nothing...until tonight! I had almost given up on her...wondering if something was wrong and would I get no chicks from her this year. question it normal for a peahen to lay her first egg so late in the season (May 25th)? Anyone???
Mine don't start laying until the later half of may at the very earliest. Most of the time they won't lay if you're still having cold nights or the temperature is going up and down.

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