Late Effect of Hypothermia. Need advice.

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    Jan 28, 2012
    My Silkie rooster fell in the pond. I don't know how long the rooster was in the pond but I found him floating and looking very cold and unable to help himself out of the water. I pulled him out and he was in obvious shock, shivering, not moving and not eating. The rooster (previously untouchable and flighty) allowed me to pick him up and I placed him the coop in the sunshine (it was 71 degrees here in Georgia) and after four hours he was still shivering slightly, but feathers drying. Next morning he was fine, eating and scratching.

    The problem: My rooster has not crowed since the plunge. Prior to the accident, he started crowing at 4:30 am and crowed on the hour, every hour...all day long. Also the previously persnickety creature now comes up to me every day for a scratch on the back of his neck and annouces his presence by softly rubbing his neck against my leg.

    Possible brain damage or just a thankful bird? Please advise.
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    BTW....Welcome to BYC. The poor fellow is probably still suffering the after effects of being SO cold. Is he eating and drinking OK? Be thankful that he is quiet for now...hee hee
    And I would imagine that he is thankful. Chickens can be affectionate so maybe he has now decided you are an OK bird. :D
    Hope that helps.....
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    No wheezing/coughing/raspy voice, right? One thing I can think is he may have gotten some water down the pipes and has an aspiration pneumonia brewing. If he has no signs of that then I would assume he views you as the dominant roo in the yard now that you saved him from certain death. Enjoy the bump in status while it lasts. Chickens have short memories.

    Glad you saved him. Good luck.

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