Late Hatching Duck Eggs


Aug 5, 2021
I have 10 eggs currently in the incubator of different breed
-Muscovy (I don’t think any survived)
-Magpie (which I believe the two hatched are those eggs)
We are on day 29 of incubation on no one has piped yet. Temp is at 37’c and humidity is normally around 50-60
I still see little movement but barely seeing much anymore due to how full they are. Air sacks I believe haven’t been broken into but this is my first time hatching so I’m not sure!

if anyone has any advice or anything would be most appreciated!
Hi - don't forget that Muscovy eggs take around 35 days to incubate, so they're not ready for lockdown now if you set them at the same time as the other types of eggs.

Did you incubate at 37C the entire time? That would be low for a circulated air incubator and even lower than optimal for a still air incubator, which could delay hatching.

You may have better success incubating the different types of eggs if the conditions are tailored to their specific humidity needs. When I incubate Muscovy eggs, for example, I aim for much lower humidity during incubation and raise it to around 70% when I see the first external pip.

Best of luck with your hatch!

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