Lavendars! 4+Lavendar Ameraucana eggs,4+Lavendar Orpington eggs


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Why this project??? Our farm loves specialty birds as well as heritage birds.... Our Lavendar Orpington eggs have been with us for years now and we have been working with them as they are a Great Project Bird.....Similarly we have spent much effort and time hunting down some excellent starts for our Lavendar Ameraucana Project... I will be listing pics of the Lavendar Orps below:
These Lavendar Project Orpington Eggs these are from a beautiful flock born from Hinkjc eggs. In this flock, there are only Lavendars!
A baby from the Lavendar project orpingtons:

Six Lavendar Project Orpington chicks from a custom hatch done in February. The other babies stayed at the Garry Farm.

Some of the adults (This quad was sold as a grouping a few months ago)

Here are pictures of some of the second generation (for our farm) Lavendar Project Orpingtons The eggs from this grouping first were released this spring, so the wonderful improved size and typing are not yet available from other BYC'ers. Get it here first!

One of the roosters:

One of the younger hens - she's still growing:

Here are some of the girls eating treats:

Please be aware that our flock no longer contains any ladies with lighter colored legs as they are usually the bearers of the mottled gene. I will try to take new photos in coming weeks, but we are in full production at the farm with fall plantings and our canning and baking orders in our commercial kitchen....As all of you who have tried to photograph chickens know, it takes many shots before the subject will be still!

And Now about the New Lavendar Ameraucana Project Birds

We have been blessed with so many friends who helped us with lovely purebred Lavendar cockerals and young pullets and hens... (They are now full grown, and no more pullets!) I had just about "given up hope", after so many attempts to secure good lineage eggs, babies,birds, but several wonderful donors shared some of their flock with us here on The Garry Farm... We have several Bloodlines in our group including Harry Shaffer, John Blehm and pips and peeps. We love where we are with this project bird and we plan to be working with them for years...AND we owe a great deal to BYC'er as well as others for helping us assemble this flock!!!!!!!

Anticipated ship is week of January 2, subject to timely payment & any laying pattern changes, which is not expected! 8+ eggs means you will receive 8 eggs and more if they are available. By the way, the Garry farm will be moving down some Lavendar Ameraucanas into the last 3 days of hatch tonight so I'll keep you posted on numbers and percentages! Okay just checked on the Lavendar Ameraucanas due for lock down.... 11 were put in the incubator....Oldest was 11 days old!!! You will be getting young eggs not the older ones we hatch for ourselves......Of those 11, all 11 were fertile and filling out nicely....They were put in the brooder tray for hatching!!!! Come babies.............! Granny Nancy ones to give you some love!

Some pictures of flock:


This one's name is Saphira and photo was take with flash on, so she appears much lighter than she is:

There have been several instances lately of folks borrowing photos without express permission from The Garry Farm.... I will be working on watermarks again this fall to try to deter this....Please do not borrow our photos without our written permission. It took so much of our farm effort and time to bring our birds to their present confirmation and in some cases over an hour or even two to get a useable photo shot... I'm sure you understand! Please pm if this is not clear.

Thanks to all who have been helpful in this project for our farm! Now we have hens and roosters too and the new Project begins....I'm so excited! You might wonder what a project this is..... We will begin working with the egg coloration which is more of a blue green instead of the full green and we'll be doing some work on body size as well.

The 4+ of each category means I will include extra eggs if available the day of shipping. Extra eggs may or may not be available dependant upon the hens!

For this listing we accept Paypal, no e checks please as they delay sending of eggs! Shipping in 48 US continental states.

The shipping is average based on our shipping rates. We ship eggs in the same way we would like to receive them. We bubble wrap each egg separately, putting in a regular box (not an egg carton) which is then cushioned and set in a larger box. These are not the prepaid priority boxes but we use the large boxes that can be ordered through USPS as the standard mailing box. Our mailing costs can often be higher than the prepaid boxes but we find that they arrive in better shape, so it's well worth the extra time, packing materials and shipping costs. Occasionally with a large order, we will use an even larger outside box. After carefully preparing you package we drive your eggs to the Post Office, where our local post office sets the egg shipments to the side to protect them. They are then placed on the truck on the top of all the other boxes! Even as carefully as we ship, we cannot guarantee that there will be no breakage in transit. We do not guarantee the percentage of your hatch your hatch as many factors such as the incubators temperature and humidity, etc are very variable. .We will provide assistance to you during the hatch and help in every way possible to have the best hatch possible.

Payment for this listing will need to be through Paypal in order to ship on time!
If you also want to place an order for Easter Egger eggs, please just pm me.
Paypal address is [email protected]

Please check out our feedback.

We also have feed back in the new system as you'll see above

For more information about our farm, please see (testimonials are also available on that page) or see us on fbook at The Garry Farm

Please pm me with any questions/orders and we'd be so honored to fill your order. Thanks for your interest. Happy Bidding and Have a blessed day. and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!! Nancy (PS for all of you who prayed, sent notes, cards, emails, called, helped at the farm, etc;, when I was in the hospital, thank you so much.....God is good and great all the time and I'm feeling so much better and am home again after being so many States away and away from the hubby, farm and all those animals, veggies, milk and eggs I love and ONE Entire Hatch I missed.. Praying that there will be continued healing in 2012!)
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Thanks so much!!!! we are blessed by them....and so happy to be able to share the eggs!. Nancy
Why was this ended early?! There should be a seller ended early bc feature like eBay has.... Such a bummer!
No, that wouldn't be me because that is against the rules for BYC. Listings on BYC are not to be dually listed. Our farm doesn't list on EBAY by the way..... Unfortunately several times EBAYERS have borrowed our pics hence the do not borrow pictures without express permission of the Farm.... Please see the rule here if you have questions:
8. All items or services for sale must actually be for sale on BYC only. No listings of items offered on other auction websites are allowed.

Now, if you want to know what really happened:) After I listed the listing, hubby brought me the eggs and he said "I don't think that you are going to make that count, looks like the Lavendar orpingtons are going into a slump...

As you all with hens know,,,, sometimes they stop laying....Their favorite time to do this is after I list the eggs!!!!
I however have had an increase in the expected amount of Lavendar Ameraucanas as you will see in the replacement ad which is here:

I have also offered to add in a few of the Lavendar Orpington eggs for a small amount to individuals who have asked about that possibility.

Sorry I didn't see this question, so please by all means, e mail me with any questions at [email protected] Presently my e mail is filtering out all my BYC mail....Trying to work with the spam filter to correct it.

We farm full time and I'm sorry I didn't see this until I scanned through our auctions.
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I wasn't implying that these eggs were listed on Ebay .... I was wishing that there was a banner that would say LISTING ENDED EARLY BY SELLER..... or something like that which ebay does do.

I am a backyard chicken owner so auctions of just a few eggs are great for people like me who want some diversity in their flocks. Thats why I was SO BUMMED when I couldn't find the listing this morning to bid on it.

Silly chickens getting performance anxiety

I'll keep an eye on the other auction. Thanks for information!
Oh, well, sorry I obviously didn't understand what was stated... Well, lol, you got the whole long boring story:) Feel free to suggest the banner idea to staff of BYC. I so rarely go to EBAY for anything, as I guess is evident..
.. Well, feel free to browse the listing and if ever you need a smaller packaging of our eggs than those listed, email me at [email protected] and our farm will try our best to assist you....Thanks for taking the time to explain what was going on....
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