Lavender orp - hen/roo


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
Prada, the LO, is 11 weeks and I still don't know.
Fendi, the cochin, is also 11 weeks old and has been trying to crow for about 2 weeks. His comb and wattles showed up rather early and it was clear as day to me he was a roo based on that. Breeder was still saying female. But the attempts at crowing kind of confirmed he's a he.

Prada - DH and the breeder say pullet. I still don't think so, but no attempts at crowing that I've heard or seen.

Pics are from last night and this morning.
Some days the wattles and comb are red, others pink and others they are the grayish color. Only in the last day or so has the comb started to change color - the top has always been the grayish color.

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For those saying either way - what makes you think that?

My little cochin had glowing red wattles and comb by 6 weeks and that was an indication to me that he was a he. Then at 9 weeks or so, I walked up on the deck and heard a crazy sound and watched him try to crow. Yep, couldn't hope any longer that Fendi would be a she LOL

But Prada didn't have a comb or wattles that screamed to me boy. Wattles were gray for the most part and would slightly pink up and then back to gray and now get some red. Same with the face and a small spot on the comb. Until 2 days ago, 90% of Prada's comb was always gray.

Prada's tail is up, Fendi's is not - so I personally can't tell anything from that.
So I'm curious what others see that says one way or the other.
I'm going strictly by their combs. I've never had LOs, but I've had buffs, and my pullets combs didn't start turning red until just before they started to lay. At 11 weeks old, Prada is still a bit far from that point. I mean, it could be a pullet, but when I look at those birds, I see cockerels...
Your not really comparing apples to apples with a bantam and a large breed. Bantams typically mature nearly twice as fast as large breeds. By 11 weeks a bantam cochin is nearly mature. Like stated above, Orpingtons mature very slow. With that much and as red as the comb is by 11 weeks. Its very likely a cockerel.
The cochin isn't a bantam. Or he wasn't supposed to be. I didn't see any bantams at the farm, just LF cochins.

Though that easily explains why he still seems so stinkin tiny. He's a very laid back little guy.
The LO, to me, acts very roostery and has just seemed not very much like a pullet since I brought it home - thought at that time, I couldn't tell you why I thought it wasn't the pullet it was supposed to be.
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