Lavender Orpington Hatching Eggs $3 per egg

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  1. $3 per egg 12 egg limit per order.

    I'm on my 4th generation raising lavender orpingtons. I started with Hinkjc line and crossed them with Fancychick/GreenfireFarm cross. They produce nice big birds, rooster weighing in at 15lbs. This year I added 3 mottled hens.

    In the lavender coop I have a lavender rooster, 7 lavender hens and 3 mottled English Orpingtons. All chicks that hatch from eggs of the lavender hens will be lavender color. The 3 mottled hens are part of a project I'm starting to create mottled lavenders. The chicks that hatch from mottled hens eggs will hatch black. The black offspring bred to each other will produce some lavender mottled. The lavender mottle bred to each other will produce all lavender mottled.

    Since I cannot identify which hens the eggs are laid by I cannot guarantee exactly the ratio you will get. It's hens choice. I can guarantee you will fertile eggs from the hens choice in this coop. The eggs will be shipped fresh within 48hrs of being laid. I will send a lot of extra eggs since the hens are laying faster then I hatch right now.

    I package eggs with utmost care. Eggs are shipped double boxed. Eggs will be gathered within 48hrs of the intended shipping day. I ship Mon-Fri. Auctions ending on Friday will be shipped Monday. I only ship clean laid eggs unwashed.

    Please understand there is risk and unseen damage can happen with shipped eggs. Boxes can get xray, shaken, and dropped during USPS shipping which can cause yolks to get scrambled inside the shell, air cells to detach and damage to fragile embryos. I do include extra eggs to account for a egg that may get broken. I have never had anyone receive a egg broken, but it can happen. I cannot guarantee you will hatch chicks. I have no control over your incubation methods and not responsible for your hatch rate. I'm selling eggs not live chicks. If you wish to buy live chicks contact me. By bidding you understand and agree to taking the risk of receiving hatching eggs shipped by the USPS.

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