Laws for- Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga- Ontario, Canada


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Sep 9, 2014
Greetings from a friendly neighbor from the north!

I'm currently residing in Brampton, Ontario- in Canada.
I did some research on local laws in the three cities. Since I have family in Mississauga- had to research there, Brampton for my own purpose, and Caledon- where I will be moving too shortly.

I hope this can help someone out there.

I spoke to by-law officers directly as well as city hall.

For Mississauga:
- City does not permit any fowl of any type

Bylaw officers advise:
- Don't keep roosters
- They don't come looking for backyard coops unless a neighbor complaints

For Brampton:
- City allows 2 hens to be kept
- No roosters

For Caledon:
- If your zoned residential, no backyard fowl of any type

This sort of got me puzzled because the lot sizes in this city are in the acres. So I did approach a by-law officer about this.

Bylaw officers advise:
- We won't come looking for backyard coops unless a neighbor complaints
- Keep your neighbors happy by giving them a basket of eggs every so often
- Use pine chips to keep the odor down

I hope this helps anyone from any of these cities.

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