Layer feed, crumble or pellets?


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Aug 9, 2021
I use chicken food + water.
It's easy to make, and the chickens seem to really like it.

I like to change water temperature, so it's cool in summer and warm in winter, although I'm not sure if the chickens care about that.
Sounds like a great way to cool them down. Thanks for your reply!


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Mar 21, 2020
NW Massachusetts
Do the hens need 20% to lay eggs? I saw the numbers are a little different on the different feeds. Thanks
The hens would do fine on a 16% layer feed. However my roosters, young birds, and other species (guinea, quail) appreciate the all flock cause it doesn't have quite as much calcium. I offer my everyone oyster shell free choice, and feed the 20% because then I can get away with 1 type of feed for everyone.
Hi, I have been feeding my pullets corn free grower feed(New Country Organics.) I read that around 18 weeks, I should be switching to a different kind of feed. Is layer, crumble or pellet best? Opinions on corn in feed for chickens? Should I be feeding them crushed egg shells? Any good brand suggestions? Thank you in advance!
We didn’t used to feed Layer of any kind, as most had a protein content of 15% or there abouts. We only fed All Flock as the protein content was steady around 18%. Now our feed store carries a higher protein Eggstra
layer feed so we do a 50:50 mix that we then ferment. Until we began fermenting we always preferred pellets to crumble for the reduced spillage. Now, it doesn’t matter, we simply go with the less costly as long as the nutritional makeup is the same.

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