Layer feed with or without corn???

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    Aug 15, 2016
    First timer to the forums. We have 3 almost 15 week old chickens and I'm looking into purchasing their layer feed. Now they are eating organic grower from Scratch and Peck. They love this feed! They make a layer feed with and without corn and I'm wondering which is best for my ladies. Will one have then laying tastier eggs? Thanks for your help!
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    Your choice, I hear corn makes a richer looking yolk, I don't know about taste. My start & grow, layers feed and scratch grains are mostly corn, first ingredient on the label, and are not organic. My girls are healthy. They'll be 20 weeks Wednesday. I got 5 eggs from the 5 girls this morning. GC[​IMG]
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    May 18, 2016
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    this is pretty much personal preference to be honest

    my hens are getting these feeds layer feed and scratch

    my chickens were on starter feed 2-3 weeks after they started to lay . then switch over to the current feed.

    taste wise.. i can't tell the difference.. appearance wise.. they look the same to me :/


    our backyard eggs on left.. store bought on right




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    The corn is likely replaced with wheat. Not much difference except the wheat will likely produce paler yolks, as a lot of yolk color comes from the pigments in yellow corn. In countries where they feed white corn or mostly small grains the yolk is almost white....

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