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    Jun 14, 2007
    Hello everyone! I have 3 pullets(1 silkie 2 cochins bantams) and two roo's at this time. I have been getting an 1 egg a day or every other day, they are rather young so i had been just colecting the eggs and do not know who's laying them. they're eggs had been layed everywhere around the pen but the other day finally one had been layed in a nest box so i left it there then another egg was layed but i don't see anyone sitting on them. I live in Fl. so it is rather hot here during the day 90's day 70's night. My question is how long do i leave them eggs till i take them out and or when will they start sitting if Thanks for your time and any info is apreciated!!!

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    They will start setting when they have enough eggs. Its differant for each hen but they should start setting when they get 6-7 eggs in the nest. My last broody hen started setting on 4 eggs. They may not set since their young. I think the eggs will stay good for about 2 weeks before they go bad.
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    Well, really sitting is a hormonal thing. Pullets will generally not sit on eggs and if they want to sit, they will start sitting on air. [​IMG] Even if a pullet wanted to sit, chances are using pullet eggs won't produce very strong chicks because they are too small. Some breeds also have had the broody instinct bred out of them so may never sit. It depends. I wouldn't count on them sitting if this is their first year of egg laying.

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