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Aug 30, 2013
Falls City, NE
I have four chickens and I keep count of their daily laying. All season (Jan.-Sept. 2013) their egg output has been between two and four daily. Today the count was zero. Need I be concerned? I am alarmed as this has never happened before. Their behavior has been the same.
several things could be causing it:
keep an eye out for illness
they could be starting to molt
they could be going broody
temperature changes can cause them to stop laying
something could be getting the eggs
if you have changed feed in the past month, check the protein levels
to much fruit in the diet can throw laying off.

Wait a few days before you get too concerned. No bird lays every day, so they might have just all cycled off together.

If you do see an overall decrease in production, could be molting time.
Thank you for the info. I am over protective and and this is my first time with chickens, so I am apt to become a worry some mother!! I love this
web site and read it almost every day!! Lots of good info.
I lost a chicken this weekend. She was three. What is the average age for egg bearing chickens before they pass away. My chicken seemed in good health. The day she passed she layed her egg as usual. I am sad as she was a good chicken.
a good healthy chicken will lay 5 or more years. that being said, even with the best feeds can care; chickens still get tumors and unseen illnesses.

most of my standard sized birds are younger the oldest around 3 years. but i have had several 6-8 year old bantams.
Sorry to hear about your hen passing.

I was doing a search on here because my chickens aren't but 5 months old and the BA's are almost 5 months and I got an egg yesterday but nothing today. Was just wondering how long it could be before I get another one. She actually laid it in the nest to which surprised me because I figured we'd find it on the ground or something.

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