Laying pellets at 14 weeks?


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
Right now I have 2 flocks, the grown up gals in the main coop which get Layena pellets and the 14-15 week old pullets (2 marans and 2 guineas) in my chicken tractor that get Start and Grow.

I normally would have kept the young ones on the Start and Grown until 18 weeks, but tonight I am picking up 4 new hens (year and a half old). Here is my problem, I would like to quarantine the new birds in the tractor, and put the 14-15 year olds in with the grown ladies. However, I don't know if it is way too early to put them on the Layena or they are old enough to be okay?

Is it best for them at 14/15 weeks to be eating layer pellets? probably not. They are still at the age where they should be getting the minerals and nutriets needed for growth.

Will it kill them? No, not at all.

I'd error with the side of precaution and avoid any illnesses that might be carried by the new birds you are getting.

In this case, I'd put the juvies in with the adults and let them eat the pellets.

BUT...if the others are going to be close enough to the older birds anyway and not TRUELY confined to an area far away from the existing flock. What is the difference?!


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