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    So many people have been asking the same question "HOW OLD ARE GUINEAS WHEN THEY START LAYING " expected replies are always 14 to 18 weeks.

    (1.) HELMETED GUINEA this is an african guineafowl the ancestor of the domestic guinea. Helmeted guineafowl usually grow to 1.3 kg with an oval body,large helmets and long down hanging wattle's ( the name is derivered from its prominet helmet ) most helmeted guineas grow smaller than other guineas including black,lavender,pearl,royalt,blue,white ect...they are smaller and ovaly like ruby ball.
    For most people in this forum always give the same information when someone ask the laying start of guineas. Withought first coincidiring that all guineas came from variet type. The pullet helmeted guineafowl is seasonally like all guineafowls usually begin to lay eggs after a year ( not 4 months )

    PEARL,LAVENDER ect.. Are guineas mostly found in the entire world. They weight around 1600 g to 1.9 kg. They have roung bodies like a boul, small curve or cupped shape wattles and small helmets light patche's on the face rather than blue in the helmeted guinea. Growing faster and lay earlia. For the derivered guineas of the helmeted guineas the laying period usually start around 6.5 to 8 months old.

    VULTURIN GUINEAS these are large guineas resembling the cape vulture. They are large weight twice the normal guinea. They grow faster sometimes to a turkey size. Most vulturing guineas dont start laying until they reach their two years old. But others like black start laying aroung 3 years

    Now I think when we are about to answer a given question we should first classify the type of guinea. Because So many misinformation had been given away.

    Best wishe's to all
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    I don't see what the confusion is. 99% of all domesticated guinea are helmeted. Helmeted guineas come in dozens of colors not just the standard pearl from their wild ancestors. The other 2, crested and vulturine, are so rare and so expensive only people who know what they are are going to have them. They will not be on BYC asking beginner questions.
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