Leafy greens

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5 Years
Apr 26, 2014
Completely new to all this and have just had our point of lay girls a week. I know that chickens need leafy greens and have hung different types of stuff from the wire at the side of the run, and they just ignore it. Chickweed for instance, and now lettuce and cabbage leaves. They did take it from me when I held it out for them. Do they not recognise it as food?
Suggestions welcome, thanks.
They are hesitant about anything new. Dark greens can give you darker yolks, but actually they don't need anything but their feed. Of course, they will enjoy many foods, as treats and as entertainment -- once threy get over their fear!
Young chickens are frightened of many things. As they age, though, they realize food is everywhere and will learn to eat it. Remember, chicks normally learn from Mom how find food. Ever see the broody hen peck at something on the ground and call to her chicks? This is the reason why they will approach what you have in your hand. Give 'em time.

These chicks are frightened of grass

When I move the grass with my fingers they grow brave

Of course now, as mature birds, they eat anything that does not outrun them


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