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I am currently building a lean-to in order to have shelter for my rabbits. They are in my barn right now, but i want to get goats so i need more shelter. This type of structure could easily serve as a large coop or coop run combo. The advantage is that one side is already built for you. Follow along step by step as i build!
I bought lumber from a local saw mill. Advantage, about half price of what you buy at home improvement stores. Disadvantage, not always uniform in length or width. So i have to remember to measure each board and cut to size.
Yesterday i painted the wood. I paint everything pretty much, including myself and the dog always gets into it.
Today i built half the frame, before it started raining. 20180324_141458.jpg
Before i cut the ends of the boards i had to calculate the angle for the roof. It worked out at about 14 degrees.
This is the building i am going to attach the lean-to, to. 20180324_133304.jpg
You can see the rabbit condo i built. It will be nice to get in out of the rain to tend to them. Plus i can close in part of the sides and it will block wind. But also plan to close in the top sections with welded wire for security. We have bears here, among other things!
I use the little wagon i made to hold wood off the ground when i paint or cut it. 20180324_133257.jpg
I damaged my knees when i fell on them this year in the house. So i can't sit on the ground to work like i used to.
Tomorrow if the weather cooperates, i will build the other half of the roof frame.
I love your wagon!!

Wants you to be able to open those windows all the way.
Thanks, i decided to make it instead of attaching wheels to the chicken tractor. I only move the tractor occasionally, so now i use it to move projects away from the workshop . And to paint wood, chop boards etc. Very useful.
I'm looking forward to seeing this done. I'm planning similar for my summer coop (they winter in the barn, and free ranging did not work last summer). I plan to bring a lean-to off the side of our driveshed, I'm thinking 10' wide by 12', steel angled roof and one side steel to create a dry, sheltered corner for roosts and boxes, then the other two sides open air and hardware cloth for predators. I want to try raising a few meat rabbits this summer so my thinking is that I would put their cages inside the coop for security. I have a nice indoor coop in the barn for winter, so this will be their 'cottage' I guess. I'm still in design phase, so looking for ideas!

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