9 Years
Jul 1, 2010
Every year I mean to deal with the leftover food and stash it away in the freezer. Most years I fall short of the target, and end up throwing food away at a shameful rate. This year I have actually managed it! I've made bolognaise sauces and cottage pies out of leftover beef, leek and ham pies with the leftover ham joint, and onion and Stilton cheese quiches. Will it get eaten, or will it lurk there until the freezer is cleaned out? Who knows, but today I feel virtuous!!
Good for you

Now, the next time you feel the urge to spend on a take-out, go to your freezer
I usually cook 2 evening meals a week. The other days are leftovers with a changeup of some kind. Adding rice or pasta, the last two days. If any rice mixture is left over, it becomes an ingredient for stirfry.

It is sad to see refrigirators full of week's or month's old food, that could have fed several people for a couple of weeks.
It helps with the freezer if you keep a dry erase board and list everything in the freezer. Then you don't forget anything in the back.

I also designate which shelf or compartment, so I can actually finds the item.

Frozen meat pies are going to be valuable on days that you arrive home tired. No cooking and a good home cooked meal, served hot. You really can't beat that for convenient.
well between the wife experimenting with soups and the two boys 14 & 18 eating me out of house and home. ain't much for left over here lol.
sounds like the rest of you have a good thing going if you can put some away for later.

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