Leg Bandettes for bantams- Confused?


10 Years
Mar 28, 2009
fredonia, wi
My 9 year old daughters flock of banties is growing and now she wants to get leg bands. OK, this is totally new and seems confusing. I think we are looking for the plastic colored/ numbered bandettes. She did not like the idea of her birds getting stuck with the metal bands and would like something easy to put on. She has all bantams: cochins, pyncheons, favorelles and seramas. Also she is asking how do you put bands on cochins with all the feathers? She is looking to band for some breeding and show, she has about 20 birds not counting some chicks in the brooder box right now. Thanks
I breed faverolles and use plastic bandetts I think sizes 7 or 9 would work best for those breeds. I just got larger bands for the faverolles size 9 and strapped them on over the feathers. They are usually offered in # 1-100 in various colors. I would love to hear more about your faverolles I love the breed and we have a great faverolles thread your daughter should look at for info on the breed. where did she get her faverolles. Also Smith poultry and stromberg are good for getting the bandettes.

Good luck,
Thanks for the size tips. We had learned about Favorelles through the forum. She loved how they looked at a poultry show and wanted friendly sweet birds. Hers are young, only about 2 months old but they are soo sweet and friendly. she spends a lot of time with her birds but these are extra friendly. We found a local small breeder about 2 hours away in Wisconsin.

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