leg problem with 8 day old chick

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    Apr 4, 2012
    My rhode island red is 8 or 9 days old and I noticed last night that she wasn't putting weight on one leg. It is sometimes splayed out when she's lying down but when getting around it is usually, but not always, underneath her. Sometimes it is a bit to the side. She's a touch smaller than the other RI red, but seems to be eating and drinking OK and is fiesty when picked up. I looked closely at her leg to see if she has a slipped tendon, and I couldn't see a difference between her two legs. Perhaps the joint above her left toe, on her left leg is a bit swollen. Also I'm not sure about this far left toe. It doesn't seem as taught as the same toe on the right side. Could it be broken? Too old to be splayed?

    They've been on a non-medicated chicken starter, 21% protein and with an electrolyte vitamin supplement in their water. They're on paper towells and haven't been slipping around.


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    Hmm, interesting....any chance you could post some pictures?

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