Leghorn Hen EXTREMELY Vocal - Help!


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Dec 30, 2010
Lake Forest, CA
This is our first experience with chickens, and our 2 girls are going to be laying any day now (we have no roo). Our Leghorn has a bright red comb and has started squatting.
However, she has also started vocalizing loudly, for a large part of the day. Our chickens free-range, and I have a hunch that our city does not exactly allow backyard chickens. With all the noise, I'm worried the neighbors will complain, and I'll have to give them up.
Will she stop making so much noise once she starts laying? Or will she always be this loud?
I sure hope it's the egg song, and that she will tone it down once she starts laying. Because if she keeps it up like you say leghorns do, I think I'm in for trouble with the city
From everything I have read, it's more of a white-feathered breed thing. They're more high-strung and flightier and vocalize more in general. She may settle down and may not- you'll just have to wait and see.
You can always trade her in for a different model. I wouldn't give up on keeping "illegal" chickens. That's no fun. I have two dozen hiding in plain sight right now.
Exciting news!! She was actually doing the egg song, and we got our very first egg today! I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself : )

Hopefully now she'll reserve the singing just for egg-laying time, instead of all day long!

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