Leghorn is sluggish and hanging in the nest box


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Oct 4, 2008
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I am new to this forum. Looked awesome as I was searching for information though so here I am. I have 10 hens and 4 "not sure what" yet. I became new to chicken raising in June of this year. LOVE IT!! My girls are not free range but they have an 8 X 6 coop and and 8 X 12 run. The other 4 have their own coop and run. Anyway, one of my leghorns is hanging out in the nest box. She seemed to be standing but her eyes were closing. I placed a light above her because it was a bit chilly. She hung out most of the day and when I went to lock up the coop, she was out of the nest on a pile of hay in a corner of the coop. This corner is secluded and away from the perch and the door. One of my Australopes was picking at something in the nest so I peeked to see. I lifted the hay out and there was (what I thought was water at first) runny, sticky liquid. Yolk I am presuming. Is she egg bound, did an egg break in her or possibly could it be a soft shelled egg? I felt her abdomen earlier and she was not "round" .....for lack of a better term. I did notice when I was touching her that in front above her breastbone sort of feels like a water balloon. Her crop I am guessing. I don't have a clue what this could be but in my few months of chicken ownership, I have had to euthanize "Cherry" for peritonitis (sp?) and 2 had died quickly....in July. Since then things have been great. I can't stand the thought of losing another.

Thanks for any help!

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Aug 20, 2008
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I'm fairly new too sounds like sour crop, search under sour crop, tx is slightly different than impacted crop. Massaging the crop can help but need to be careful that she does not aspirate....basically I'm bumping you up.

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