Less than a week,I know I know, but maybe a Roo?*UPDATED MORE PICS 3/9


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
I feel like such a newb!

I ended up picking some chicks from a straight run box, I wasnt paying attention! These two are BR, and from a straight run box. I just KNOW I have at least one Roo.
I know you guys typically cant tell without vent checking etc etc. But thought it was worth a shot. If nothing else I'll keep updateing this post as they grow up

Yay! Thanks.


#1 in the back, #2 in front


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With Barred Rocks and other barred breeds, there are three traits, when taken together, help determine sex.

Large, splotchy, irregular spots on the head with lots of "frosting" across the back of the head, plus lighter grayish down color, and little to no black on the leg fronts would be a cockerel.

Smaller and/or more defined head spot, plus very dark black down, plus some black wash down the legs would be a pullet.

I can't tell from the light in your pics how dark or light the BR chick is, but my first impression is BR cockerel on #1 and pullet on #2. Would have to see pic in more natural light, but I see "frosting" across the back of the head on the male. The traits are not always clear and I will be wrong or not able to decide till it feathers in. Were these sexed by someone for you?
You guys are awesome!

Thats what I think too.

1 Roo
2 Pullet

They have not been sexed by a professional. Just my newbie eyes, and your help!
We will see !

Thanks everyone!
well they are certainly cuteness overload...

I read one post where you hold the babies up just above the shouldlers and if their legs hang down, hen if they curl, roo....

we shall see! mine hold up to being all hens if that's the case... well assuming I got all four and not having "sexed" one twice! lol
Adding more, at 2 1/2 weeks old. Any more thoughts?





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#1 Cockerel
#2 Probably pullet, but the slight "frosting" across the back of the head could mean a cockerel, just with darker down. Legs have no dark wash down the front that I can see, which usually means cockerel, but I've had pullets who fooled me on rare occasions. I'm going with pullet on #2, though.

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