Lethargic Buff Orpington---help for a newbie please!

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    I walked out to my run & found one of my 7 month old BOs laying in the hay while the others were up & about. I threw in some BOSS & the rest of the hens went crazy pecking around, while Priscilla just sat there, staring blankly. I went in to the run & she stood up. She is all fluffed up & her tail is almost tucked between her legs.

    Her comb is red & bright, her legs & feet look good (no bumblefoot). I felt her bottom and it feels soft & pliable so I don't think she is egg bound. She walked a couple of feet & just stopped & stared blankly again.

    I brought her inside & checked her out again. Nothing seems physically wrong with her. I checked her bottom & she doesn't appear to be plugged up. Currently she is in a dog crate in my basement. I have hay in there with some water & yogurt. The room is dark.

    Any suggestions?? Am I missing something? This is my first year with hens & my first real "illness." I would appreciate any advice!
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    Sometimes worms can cause lethargy and loss of appetite. Have they been wormed lately? If not, get some ivermectin at 3 mL per gallon.
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    I have never wormed them..I have 5 hens in a backyard setting...I have not seen any poop from her

    Thanks for the advice
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