Lethargic, Droopy Tail, Mature Hen, Coccidiosis?

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    Oct 28, 2010
    Hello All!
    I came home after a two week getaway and the first thing my dad said to me was you better look at the Rhode Island in the morning.
    Her symptoms first appeared 2 days ago. She is 13 months old and one of my most active chickens. None of my other 6 mature hens are exhibiting these or other symptoms.

    She is/has:
    · Lethargic
    · Droopy tail
    · Slightly ruffled feathers
    · Somewhat loose droppings (not diarrhea)
    · Suppressed appetite (she is usually all over veg scratch)
    · Stopped producing eggs (for at least 2 days)

    I broke out my copy of Chicken Health Handbook and am seeing some boxes checked for Coccidiosis. Any Thoughts? Of the two feed stores near me they both stock Sulmet, no Corid. If you don’t think it is Coccidiosis what could it be. How should I treat her? Should I separate her from the flock?
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    Good Morning,

    I have experienced the same symptoms in my RIR 2.5 year old. Just seemed to come on about 2 weeks ago. I separated her from the flock, gave her Nutradrench in her water, yogurt, scrambled eggs- to try to build up her strength. Seemed a little better and took her back to the flock - that was over about 3-4 day period. She is not much better. I did break out the Wazine - and wormed the flock for round worms including the RIR - Shirley- thinking that that might be the cause. She is not showing any signs of much improvement - has me scratching my head -Like yours - I have no other chickens exhibiting any of the same symptoms. I started up using the Diametacious Earth - food grade - sprinkling that on the food. I understand that using that is a good way to keep coccidia at bay.
    Please let me know if you have any other ideas or find other options to help. Good luck - Happy Easter - Kim
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    Mar 20, 2012
    Did she get medicated feed as a chick? Coccidiosis is not common in mature birds. Has she been dewormed? Try giving her some probiotics (Sav-A-Chick works well) until you know what she has. If you can, confine her in a warm place with a dog crate. It is very important to have her eat and drink. Try mixing some treat of pellets with water.
    Good luck! [​IMG]

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