Lethargic girl, no sure what's wrong


Jun 6, 2020
So one of our girls has been lethargic for about three days now. She's about 3. At first i though it was sour crop, but there was no fluid only air or gas? It's not filled up again, she's drinking a bit but not eating. She has a little phlegm and her neck seems to spasm a bit she has a little restricted breathing. I tried giving her a little olive oil in case there was a blockage and they have ACV in water anyhow and i have added crushed garlic in water in case it's an infection. I've just checked her again and she's got a gasy crop again, heavy breathing a bit.
I've got some liquid paraffin, wondering whether to try that now and how much to give, plus continue with garlic and vitamins in water???
I've powdered them and coop in case of lice/mites but can't see any mass numbers. We've had bigger infestations before with no affects on girls....
We got two new girls a couple of weeks ago, they and our other older girl are fine.
Not sure what to try next.....
I'll call vet on Monday if no change but would like to know if i should be tying anything else...... please help!


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Welcome to BYC. Has she lost weight? When did she lay her last egg? Has she ever been de-wormed? Where do you live?

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