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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by DuckyGurl, Mar 28, 2012.

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    My Pekin/Campbell duck was not acting very normal this morning. Typically, she is always quacking like crazy as soon as she sees me. This morning, not so much. Then when I let them out, she wasn't that interested in the pool which is really strange because she is normally first one in every day. She finally did get in, but really wasn't as into it. She has been laying normal eggs, one a day. She is 4. Also, this morning in her run I found a "fart" egg, that had a typical yolk but a very soft shell. The shell itself was broken, just the yolk/whites were laying on the ground. I have never found a fart egg before, so thought it was strange.

    She is an awesome layer, an egg every single day when she has light. Should I be worried? She has access to oyster shells/grit at all times.
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    Just put ACV in her water, we'll see if that helps things. I put in the totally raw, unfiltered organic stuff with "the mother" in it.
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    I had a hen that was acting off about a week ago, couldn't see any obvious signs of any problem just not acting her normal running around self, I have something called Nutri Drench and you can give it straight into the mouth and it goes straight into their system instead of thru the regular route. this is what it says "a nutrient rich supplement formulated to rapidly deliver energy and essential nutrients." it is awesome stuff and you can get it at TSC, If you don't see any change in her with the ACV I would reccommend the ND. When giving anything by mouth just put it on the tip or along their bill instead of taking the risk of getting it into their lungs from aspiration. I gave this to my hen twice and she is back to her spunky self.
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    I also had a Pekin that layed a "fart egg", and was acting a bit off. I know because she is the most vocal duck I have, and one morning she was very quiet. I started giving her some ACV, and that helped. At the time I didn't have any Nurti-Drench but have since added it to my collection of poultry aids. I had to order mine online. We don't have the luxury of having a TSC in Arizona. Probably a good thing because I would be there everyday. My drakes hate the stuff but the girls will drink it all up within an hour or so. They really like it! Anyway, she and her eggs are back to normal.

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