Lethargic young chick, possibly injured

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    Aug 4, 2011
    We have two 4 month old chicks. My 4 year old son took them out of their coop yesterday (as he does everyday) to let them run the yard. About 10 minutes later I saw my son holding "Runny" upside down by her legs. She has been unable/unwilling to walk since. I don't feel any broken bones, but she is lethargic. I'm not sure if she's drinking or eating. Se did move around a bit last night, but I never actually saw her walking. I'd just notice she'd had moved a few inches each time I checked in on her. I never saw Runny before the upside down incident to know if she was not well before that.

    She slept inside last night in a box and appears pretty much the same today. I feel just sick about this. I know my son didn't mean to hurt her. He's always displayed such love, albeit a lot of curiousity too!

    Any thoughts?
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    My first guess would be pulled muscles/ligaments - that may be very sore and just need time to heal, or it could be dislocated joints. [​IMG]

    I'm no medical expert, though ....

    If it was me, I'd just give runny a week to heal and go from there. Keep enticing foods nearby with some water. If runny isn't eating or drinking, you can use a dropper and dribble water along her (?) beak or gently force her beak open and place a small piece of scrambled egg or a drop of water or something similar inside. She should swallow it. Be careful not to tip her head back though - and have the food/water get into her lungs - it's best to let her swallow it on her own.

    Hope runny is feeling better soon ! Try not to beat yourself up over it, it wasn't intentional - accidents happen.

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