Let's try the silkies again. Just over 8 weeks old now.


6 Years
Apr 6, 2015
Upstate, NY
Silkie 1. Was the best picture I could get as he/she wouldn't stay still.

Silkie 2.

Silkie 3. By far the fluffiest of the three and the only one with any substantial head pouf.

I'd guess they're girls. They're non bearded, so you can expect their combs and wattles to be larger than bearded Silkies, even as pullets.
I could be wrong, they're still pretty young, but nothing is screaming boy to me.
Id say 1 and 2 are roos, and 3 is a pullet. It could also just be poor quality, but roos tend to have a swept back crest, and hens have more of a spaceball helmit.
Well, I just caught silkie 1 trying to mount one of my pullets when I let them out this morning, so I guess that decides that one. ROFL.

To me, that seems like odds are good the other one that looks similar is probably also a cockerel, but I'm still hoping the pouffy one is a pullet. When I closed the coop last night, that one and one of the other silkies (but couldn't say which one) were actually sitting on the 5-week old buff orpington chicks like mama hens.

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