Lg Still Air Has Been Introduced To Me! Are You Kidding Me?!


8 Years
Mar 18, 2011
no way a frind of mine has brough an lg still ait incubator and after i saw it i was like are you kidding me is that an actual incubator?
wow sorry but i really dont think a hatch could ever be made there no way probly 10 inches tall with no bulb just a ring of heat hahah no way and where the temperature at top by the mmm plastic windows reads 99.5 and at the bottom reads 95 hahaha no fan no way sorry but when you guys were talking about the famous LG i was thinking wow that maybe a great incubator but no fan? and a variation of temperatures in each corner i would will my incubator i made from scratch a 100 and i could sell tons
that lg no way it has a switch fot control of the tem whats the red ligh indicating? i was thinking to give it a try but no way i mayas well just try to hatch in a carbor box.


who makes that horryble thing? no wonder most of us here in the forum have horrible % on hatchs when i read LG LG lol i really though they were made by LG (LIFE IS GOODcellphones and stuff)

I have 3 LG's two forced air and one still for hatching..... The two forced air incubators are full of eggs and as we speak there are eggs pipping in the still air hatcher...

They have always worked great for me. To each their own
Hmm that is what I have, lol. Now, I have only done one hatch in it, but every egg hatched, had no problems, and I am a newbie on top of that, so no complaints here.
There are good & bad in everything, A buddy of mine has one & does great with it, but the one i have, or whats left of it is the worst thing that could be called a incubator, it broke me from them.
I just dont see my self to even think of trying to hatch in that peace of stirofon thing wehre the tem in each corners are ones and the ones in the mide are other and the oten at the bottom are other and the ones at top other NO WAY!!! I could add a FAN and def try iy out but like that the way it is no way to even waste the electricity it also spikes all the time and dropps off at night till the 92 at the viwing windos can imagine what the tem its at the bottom of the bator
and the corners just to mantion some is that a termostat control or just a dimer? lol
HMM you difinitly don't loke them things od you!!!!

OH I'm such a mocker! I have read some of your other posts on here recently regarding hatching in an LG!!!!!
I wonder if the quantity of eggs has anything to do with it...
I have hatched a few fuzzy butts in mine. 17/20 on my FIRST attempt! I like the simplicity of the R-Com mini that I won on here, so I looked up a larger model and wowza they're pricy! (Worth it I'm sure, the 3-egg mini works AWESOME!)
But I'm still hatching in the LG, probably until we move to a bigger place so I can hatch a TON of chicks! mwhahahahaha!
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