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Our Great Pyrenees' are the proud parents of 3 fat puppies born 5/11/2011. All are healthy and rotten already! Two of the puppies have already been approved to great homes - the male (Brady) is going to be a family pet to family who lost their GP a couple of years ago. The Female #1 is going to be a LGD for chickens and goats. The female that is still pending a home is actually my pick out of the three. She's smaller, but fiesty. We LOVE our GP's for LGD's, but don't let the cute factor be your decision maker to get one of these. They do require a lot of discipline and training - a lot of people expect to get a young puppy and plop them in with their chickens or goats and not have any problems. We start ours early with livestock, but we expect mistakes and correct them when they arise. If you decide to get a LGD for your livestock, research first, please. There are also many GP rescue groups across the nation if you would like to adopt an older dog. They also require grooming, especially in warmer climates like here in the south. I give them bi-weekly brushings and monthly hair cuts. You can take them to a groomer, but expect to pay out of your nose for that service since they are huge fluffy dogs with thick undercoats. In the summer, ours enjoy laying in a kiddie pool with about 2" of water in it.

More information about GP's can be seen through this links:

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

Male, "Brady"
This boy is going to a family home nearby.
1 week old


2 weeks and 1 day old


Female #1
This girl is going to be a LGD for chickens and goats.
1 week old


2 weeks and 1 day old


Female #2, possibly lightly badger marked
1 week old


2 weeks and 1 day old


Misc. Shots of them
Back feet - see the 5 toes? That's one of the special characteristics of the breed:

The three together at 1 week old, male in center and 2 girls on either side:

Piper and Trolley, proud mama and daddy. Both shown with a hair cut.
Piper (named after Piper aircraft)

Trolley (named after the Trolley's of Pigeon Forge, TN, where we traveled to get him)

Together in the goat pasture (Trolley on left, Piper on right)
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They are gorgeous. I am looking for one. I am researching like crazy. I have 4 dogs. I hear they do not get along with other dogs. Is this true? Any help you could give me I would appreciate. Thanks
sooo cute! It is always refreshing to see that there are people out there that have GPs (or any of the other big fluffy dogs) that actually know how to properly care for their dogs coat! You would not believe how many of these types I've groomed that were so matted, in poor shape, or that I've shaved because the owners don't believe how bad it is for their skin and coat.....
If you raise them around other dogs that they learn to associate with "friend" then they will be ok. Any strange dogs they do not recognize they will bark at and fight if given the chance.

That's another thing I forgot to mention - GP's are known for being great watch dogs for your livestock and/or property. Because of that, they tend to wander. They will need some type of fencing to keep them contained on your property if you have neighbors nearby.
Thank you. For the answers. I am contacting rescue groups to start looking. We want a puppy or young one. Thanks again.
Congratulations on these little darlings! And so good that they are going to acceptable homes!
Also, thank you for sharing this happy event with us - somehow we don't have that much of a discussions on this forum about Great Pyrenees and they are such a majestic dogs!

Here is my 3 months old baby:) We calling him Meeshoo meaning Bear. He is huge for his age, don't you think?
And - he is great with other dogs!



They grow sooooooooooooo fast, it seemed like only yesterday mine were that tiny....



Here are mine at 8 weeks old this week... been starting them out early with the chickens etc.. Hens have already taught them to wait in line.... All will be going to new homes soon, except one girl that is still looking for one.
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