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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by msmolly, Apr 3, 2016.

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    Need advice on training my new dog. Having done battle with a very wily(sp?) fox this winter, came to the conclusion I needed a LGD. Yeah, I need another animal like a hole in the head! Anyway, as I don't have time to put into a puppy right now, I took a short cut and got a rescue....1/2 Great Pyrenees. I know, I know....that was probably my first of many mistakes.
    Anyway, I've had her 3 weeks now, and she is a delight. Housebroken, knows many commands and very biddable. She had obviously never lived with cats, chickens or peacocks before. She is great with my other dogs. In a very short time, learned the invisible fence, made friends with the cats and has stopped being confused by the chickens. She does how ever still want to chase the peafowl. If I yell NO, when she goes after the peas, she is very responsive and seems contrite. She does live in the house- (on the couch to be specific)- but the dog door goes right out to the side of the bird pen. Are LGDs supposed to be outdoor dogs only? If so,....oops. And, my other question is, do they have to be raised as puppies to be good LGDs, and....if she has any innate guardian instincts, what do I do to foster them?......how do I proceed from here? [​IMG]

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    Beautiful dog! How we trained our 4 Border Collies, pups make it easier, because if they do try to bite it won't be as much of an injury if any injury while an adult will always involve injury. Maybe though you can still do it. What we do is expose my birds or other livestock to the dog. We monitor while they are with the animal. If they step wrong you talk in a stern voice telling them no. Also you have to know how your other animals will act around a dog. I have cattle so we also have to watch a cow at the same time as the dog. Don't be afraid telling them no and it has to be stern or at least serious not a weak no. Remember animals, especially dogs, can pick up on emotional vibes. You need to set up a hierarchy with you at the top being alpha. That's roughly what we do, make sure they know we're alpha and teach them how to act around those animals, teaching them what's accepted and what's not.
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