Lice bath recommendations?

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    I knew this day would come. Some of our fatter hens start losing a substantial amount of weight, frequent pale combs, and our most docile White Brahma started making constant "honking" noises. They also pant with their mouths open (no sneezing), but I assume this is due to the heat. Please correct me if I'm missing something or if this is abnormal.
    I looked under a few of their feathers and found little white/yellow critters, which after consulting Dr. Google, appear to be lice. I guess there could be worse problems, right?

    My question is this: For those of us that are not fond of dusting with DE, are there any lice bath recommendations where I can use a dunk-soak-and-rinse method? Most of my hens are pretty free spirits, so catching them will not be a fun task. We have 11. I'll likely have to do this at night so I can just snatch them out of the coop. I'd like to do this the easiest and most efficent way possible. I don't like the idea of using DE, as I'm pretty clumsy and don't want to risk my wife's, my hen's and my own respiratory health. Any yes, I recently added DE to their new dust baths, but I have yet to see them use the new baths I've provided. Usually they just use a dirty patch.

    Hopefully this will help with the weight loss and incessant honking from our, likely uncomfortable, white brahma. If this doesn't work, she's going on Craigslist.

    Thanks in advance
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    I gave mine baths that consisted of the white vinegar in one bucket, then a bucket of water, and then I rubbed apple cider underneath their wings and their neck.

    The lice was gone in 1 day on my cochin and red sexlinks. It took the other birds a few days

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