Lice infested bedding.

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    Hello. I had to clean my coop out today for a lice outbreak. hens are treated, coop cleaned out, but all that bedding is now in the run. Will I have to burn this future black gold now to kill the lice or is there something I can treat it with? Spray with liquid premethrin? I hope?

    Thanks for any help

    Colleen, Pa
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    I would have bagged it, and taken it far away or burned it. Lice cannot survive for more than a few weeks off the host. Permethrin will kill lice , but it might be difficult to saturate it enough safely.
  3. eagrbeavr

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    Thanks, yea I was thinking that after I threw it out there. I can keep them out of the run for awhile. They can go straight on to the yard, but a couple months of that? So they'll just keep getting reinfested, wont they, if I let them out there

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