LIFE magazine and my ADD mind

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    Aug 23, 2010
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    Now, granted, there are probably quite a few other things I could and should be doing, (finding some important papers, figuring out and then cooking something for supper--yikes, It's after 9:00 pm!), but while I was reading my, myYahoo local news earlier, I somehow went from news of a former politician's fall from grace being delayed, to "7 Fantastic Fall Foods You Should Be Eating" (didn't I just say I'm hungry?! [​IMG] ) to a couple of "the Worst cars EVER" lists, to unpublished pictures of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski, which led to the lighter topic of: (the first picture detailed in an article entitled,"The Rooster vs. the Logo: A Judgment Call to Crow About" and finally, "It’s just a woman and her chicken. Walking around together. In Paris. And to be honest, that’s good enough for us.":
    My first thought was, "I gotta share this with my BYC people!"
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    Those are great! Love that cover of the handsome rooster!! Gorgeous! Now the lady walking her chicken in Paris, that's love!! Thanks for sharing!

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