Light at the end of a very long tunnel

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    Eight months after being injured on the job - 3 hospitalizations, numerous blood clots and pulmonary embolisms, mega-pressure from his job later - and DH will be released to go back to work next week, no restrictions.
    He was released to go back to work on light duty more than a month ago, but the city refused to take him back on light duty. DH is old school, not part of the good ol' boy network, so the mayor and police chief have really stepped up the pressure trying to force him to retire. They keep calling and reminding him that his time on the Family Medical Leave Act runs out in mid-December and that he will lose his sick time pay (many thousands of $$$) if he doesn't retire before it runs out.
    Since he wasn't scheduled to see the workmans comp. doctor again until early December and we felt like that was cutting it too close, DH called his WC nurse who expediated a repeat doppler scan on his leg and an earlier appt. with the doctor.
    He had the repeat doppler the day before yesterday. It showed that he still has one small "strand" of blood clots in his leg, but the doctor said it's stable (not likely to break off and travel) and that it may take a very long time before it's completely gone.
    So, he has to see the doctor again next Tuesday because the doctor wants to explain the do's and don'ts to him and he has to stay on coumadin, but after Tuesday he can go back to work.
    Now I just have to call the vet for some tranquilizers for DH's dog, who I'm sure is going to lose his mind when "Daddy" is not around to guard all day. [​IMG]
    I appreciate all the support I've received while we went thru all this.
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    So glad to hear some good news!

    Yeah, the dog is going to take it the hardest, LOL
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    I'm so happy that your DH is ABLE to go back to work.
    Mine was off 8 months in 2008 after a brutal rotator cuff surgery...[​IMG] and it will be a big adjustment for both you, DH and the dogs. As crazy as he drove me while he was home, I have to admit, I cried his first morning back to work-I missed him. DON'T TELL HIM THAT THOUGH! [​IMG]
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    I'm happy for you both.
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    He needs to go back to work, put in for retirement and then run for either mayor or police chief [​IMG] sound like that town could use someone like him.

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    Grits, I'm so glad he's back on his feet and well enough to work!
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    So glad to hear that he's able to go back to work! Good luck to you both!
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    Great news! [​IMG]

  10. Quote:Now THAT is a plan!!! So glad he is better and able to go back to work!!! This was a long row to hoe wasn't it, for all concerned!!!!!

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