Light Brahma bantam males maybe?


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Jul 19, 2015
North Central Florida
Someone not far from me was selling chicks that were a feather footed bantam assortment from ideal. I was happy to find two buff Brahma Bantams, which were in my wish list. One is in this picture, along with a golden penciled Hamburg pullet and two white chicks I thought were light Brahma Bantams but a lot of the pictures I see don't look like them. They looked exactly like the buffs but white instead of buff so I assumed that's what they are. They are feathering SUPER slow, too, for some reason, and I'm wondering if that's an indication of them being male. They were all hatched July 19, so they're about 2 1/2 weeks old.


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I am getting a boyish vibe from them. I want to say my dark brahma hen had more feathers than they did at that age. The most certain way is to let them grow some more.
Don't see any feathers on their feet??? If no feathers on legs next guess would be Columbia Wyandote chicks. And standard size whatever they are for sure...Columbian Wyandotes get HUGE!!!!!

They have feathered legs. Those aren't really growing either (still baby tufts). They were part of a feather legged bantam assortment from Ideal so the only option from the breeds they carry is light brahma bantam. They are the same size as the bantam Ameracauna chicks hatched at the same time (that I hatched myself so I know 100% they are bantam). They look big because they are next to d'Uccles half their age and d'Uccles are a smaller bird.
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