Light Brahma hen developed large, bulbous abscess on left wing


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Jun 20, 2014
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Hey guys,

I have a light brahma hen who for the past couple of days started acting less energetic. There were no visible signs of injury at first and upon first inspection, I did not find anything unusual. No bugs. She would still walk around and join the other chickens, but there was a big difference in their active behavior. She is allowed to be with the others during the day, but at night she goes into our ICU cage that we built.

Just today, my boyfriend found a large bulbous mass on her right wing after giving her a warm bath. This was not noticeable at first, but when you left up her wing, it's obviously there. It feels very hard but bulbous and as if there is some liquid in there. Here is a picture:

I did some research and all I see so far is that people are cutting and amputating that part. I can't get a read on what it is exactly. Does anyone know what it is and is there a choice in the matter as to what can be done? IS amputation the only thing I can do? Any advice would be greately appreciated. I feel a little squeamish in regards to actually doing this myself. Thank you in advance.


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Jun 23, 2015
Don't worry, amputating is not the only option. If it is simply an abscess it could be drained. It could also be a sore developed from rubbing a wing on something like the ground, a perch, or a nest box. She could also have injured the wing, perhaps broken it? I am no expert, but again, amputation is not a first choice.

I hope others can assist you with further advice. And I hope she gets better soon!

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