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I've never had Light Brahmas before and I've been thinking about ordering 1 or 2 chicks next spring along with a couple of Black Stars. Are Brahmas feet and legs feathered, or one or the other? Does dirt and poop get stuck in their feathers? How are they as egg layers? What is their 'friendliness' nature? Thanks in advance for answers and any other tips regarding Light Brahmas.
I love mine. They are feathered feet, but they stay pretty clean. They are super friendly chickens and the roosters are really friendly. Good layers too.
I love Light Brahmas. I have tried them twice...first time my hen house flooded and I lost them at about 3 yrs. old..freak storm (Gaston Hurricane) and second time they were about 1 1/2. I was in Calif. and asked my room mate to take care of them and he left the hen house open and a dog came by and they were out foraging in yard and it killed some of them..the rooster he chased it into the pond and it drowned...I have not had any since, but I loved them. Very Gentle Very Gentle.
I have a light brahma and yes they have feathered feet. I haven't had any issues with poop sticking to them, but when it's really mucky outside, the mud does stick some. (but we have clay soil so it pretty much sticks to everything) She does a good job keeping herself clean.

For her temperament: She's a princess. She doesn't want anyone in HER nesting box. But she's otherwise very mellow and even tempered as long as the other chickens know their place. (below her) She's always been the most friendly hen towards me. (except right now, she's molting and in the leave me alone mood)

I'd say she's an average layer BUT she cranked out eggs in winter. She was one of my best layers through winter.
The outsides of the legs are feathered down to the outer toes. . My hatchery Brahmas don't have massive feathering. I have one Lt and one Buff. Both lay very well, even at almost 4 years old. They are friendly, but not needy. Neither love to be picked up, but they're very good girls, trouble-free, really.
I have a trio of Light Brahma and cant say that I ever had a problem with them.
I will say that they are very slow to mature (even my hatchery stock) and tend to be "easy going" for the most part.
Egg production tends to be about average with 5 to 6 light brown, medium to medium large eggs a week per hen.

Here is a picture of Light Brahma.
Left Large fowl and Right is a Bantam
(Not My Birds)

Here is my Light Brahma cockerel at around 8 months old.
(He is hatchery stock from Cackle)

Thank you Chris for the pics, they really helped....beautiful birds. I'd like to thank everyone else for responding as well, I've gained alot of insight with your help.

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