Light Brahmas


5 Years
Sep 7, 2014
Huntsville, Tx.

This is my rooster, not sure how old he is, they didn't tell me when I got him.
What I'd like to know is at about what age do the roosters start crowing? Thanks in advance.
It really varies from bird to bird. Do you have ay other roosters in your flock? (that can sometimes delay crowing as a subordinate can refrain to avoid challenging the dominant rooster). How long have you had him and was he a mature, feathered bird when you got him or a semi-feathered chick? Knowing that can help give you a guess as to age. A picture of him in a natural standing position may also help give us a better idea of his over all size and maturity.
No other rooster. I've had him for almost 4 weeks and yes he was fully feathered when I hot him. I'll try to get a better pic of him with some of my 9 week olds. Thanks for your help.
I'm also interested in the temperment of light brahma roosters. We have one that is five months old. He's always been very skittish and nervous, but not aggressive. He's in a coop and run with eleven hens and a silkie rooster. So far, so good. He's tried to mate with a barred rock and a RIR, but wasn't mean about it. I have to keep the chickens in an enclosed coop and run due to predators, so they don't have the entire yard to run around in. Do you think it's going to work out with two roosters so close together? The silkie rooster is also, so far, quite docile and doesn't mind being around the gigantic brahma rooster.

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