Likelihood of Exploding Egg?


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Aug 11, 2011
So I only have 5 eggs in the bator, and it's past day 14. I haven't removed any due to the small number of them, but this recent rash of egg-splosions has me worried. We did have one egg that smelled a little hard-boiled if you got real close and took a whiff, but the shell is too thick to get anything from candling it, so I was scared to accidentally throw out a good egg.

I have 3 suspect blanks that don't smell at all. Should I be throwing them out or just leave them alone? This is my first time incubating and I don't want to accidentally toss something viable, but by this point it should be sort of obvious? IDK. Any thoughts? I don't want an explosion emergency!


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Aug 10, 2011
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My personal opinion would be if you are past day 14, and your eggs are looking the same as day one. They are not going to hatch.

I am currently on my first incubation, but you can tell a growing egg. Veins, movement, etc... Even the fact that when they get bigger and grow, the egg will get darker and harder to see threw.

And smell, I wouldn't trust. But I think its all personal feeling.

Hope this helped.


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Apr 26, 2010
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I agree if they seem the should weed them out. By day 14 I could see veins and obvious movement in the eggs, plus the air sac was getting alot bigger. Also the ones that weren't good were liquid....just by moving them a little you could feel there was nothing there. This is my first hatch, too and I know what you mean about not wanting to lose one. I started with 10 BCM and 24 lock down I only had 10.....and 1 egg that I thought was no good had a viable chick......I was heartbroken. But better for you to have a few healthy ones and not risk the eggsplosion. It's really bad! Good luck


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May 9, 2009
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So when do you candle the eggs?? I'm new to this also and on my first hatch in my mini advance Brinsea incubator.. I'm only 5- 6 days into them incubating.. but I too am reading about these explosions and am worried myself. Plus I'm worried any will hatch since i had these fertile eggs shipped from Arkansas to our altitude of 7400 feet.. so not sure how that will play in.. then I gave my extra fertile eggs that didn't fit in there to my hen in the coop that seems to always be laying in the nesting box.. She laid on them right away then I went outside an hour later and she was off them in the run.. so not sure if she'll try and hatch the rest or not.. so I guess candle those too soon. (I gave them to her yesterday)

Yikes.. I don't want an exploding egg!!! eeeeeek


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May 10, 2010
I'm a little confused- the egg that you're not sure about. You tried candling it and the shell was too thick, so you saw nothing inside? Or you saw inside and it looked clear? If you can see in them, and it's clear and it's past day 14, go ahead and toss. After day 14, they should be mostly dark.

My EE eggs are sometimes completely opaque, even in the beginning, and for them, they just have to be a surprise when I hatch them.

Heather, I don't bother candling til day 7 or so. Before that, I have a tough time seeing anything. I'm sure at least 50% of that is the user, but then my eggs are darker, and I think it makes the earlier changes tougher to see.


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Aug 11, 2011
One was too opaque to see. Another was clear. I will weed the clear ones out now then, I suppose. Crack them open over the sink and hope I didn't make a mistake.

edit: Yay, they were in fact both bad! The yolks were scrambled, and one had a blood ring. The three I left I partitioned off with tissue jic one decides to be bad and 'splode, it won't get all over the rest, but they all seemed like they could be going. One of them definitely has a chick curled up in there, and the air sac has gotten bigger since the last I checked. One is less opaque but has a defined airsac, and the last is completely opaque. Hnngh.

Hatch day is wed-fri. Fingers crossed!
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Feb 24, 2011
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I can say from past experience you DO NOT want to crack eggs open in the house. Some eggs are RANK hen you open them and you will truly regret it. It ran my dog and DH out of the house and I was sick to my stomach for days just thinking about it.

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