Lime in drinking water


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May 21, 2020
Does anybody know how much lime is needed to be in a gallon of water ? To help my chickens respiratory issues?
I too have never heard of putting lime in water..

But if chickens are having breathing issues, my first thought is make more ventilation, and clean the coop.
x2 second this.

If you smell ammonia, even the tinniest whiff, when you walk into the coop, it is more than likely the source of their respiration problems.

Also monitoring the humidity. From what I read on here, you want the inside of the coop to be 10-20% less humid than the outside humidity.

With that said, ammonia from urates and humidity kind of go hand in hand. Fix one problem and you might just fix the other!

I'm not so sure I'd try lime in the drinking water, personally.

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