Lime in the run?

de kippendame

12 Years
May 26, 2011
South Central IA
The dirt work that we did to prepare the site for our coop consists mainly of limestone dust/dirt. The gravel roads out here are all limestone and we live near the quarry. When the ditches get full of limestone run off the county digs them out and we had several loads dropped off out here a few years back. It is like what you'd get at the quarry if you were wanting ag or garden lime, only there is good black dirt in it also. Right now we have a few weeds starting to grow in it, but its pretty bare. We will be starting construction in the upcoming days and I was wondering if the "dirt" that is there will be good for dust bathing, scratching, etc. I will be adding DE to it, but will I need anything other(sand, pete, etc.)?

Should I seed it to get some greens in there?? If so with what? Grass, clover, wild flower, etc.?? Thanks guys!
I figure the plants(grass or whatever) will only last until the chickens get ahold of them, but I have about a week before the babies get here and then the whole time they are in the brooder to get something growing. Should I throw some seed down to let them have some greens for at least a little while?? They will be able to go outside of the run but only with a babysitter, so there may be some times that they will have to spend more time in the run.
No problem. Ag lime is sometimes added to coops and runs for flies, odor etc. I use pelletized lime, which is just non-dusty ag lime.

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